More than a year and half has passed since COVID-19 pandemic started. The 16th IEIIS meeting, scheduled to be held last year, had to be postponed to this year. Although there is still no end in sight to the pandemic, we would like to hold the 16th IEIIS meeting on October 12-15, 2021 as a hybrid event. Meeting attendees will have the ability to participate in the Meeting either in person in Kobe international conference center, or virtually if they are not able to travel in October. All oral sessions will be held at the Kobe and virtually. Poster sessions will be held only virtually. Invited lectures will also be delivered on-demand. Invited lectures will be recorded and uploaded to the 16th IEIIS web-site. Meeting attendees will be able to watch the invited lectures on demand from the web-site.

The deadline for the abstract submission will be end of August. The program includes following topics: chemistry, microbiology, pathology, immunology, mucosal immunity, shock/sepsis, inflammatory bowel disease, vaccines, innate immunity and sterile inflammation, innate immunity and lifestyle diseases, lectins and glycans, macrophage and DC subset, innate immune lymphocytes, RNA immunity.

To reaffirm the importance of innate immunity in COVID-19 related challenges and to address it in an international framework, we hope that you will join us to exchange current research discoveries while renewing old friendships and establishing new ones. We will also provide good opportunities, especially for young scientists and students, to meet and interact with top scientists working in this field and expand their knowledge.

Koichi Fukase
(Osaka University)